Electronic Packaging Hardware General Devices Indiana

Electronic Packaging Hardware General Devices Indiana


Electronic Packaging Hardware General Devices Indiana


Electronic Packaging Hardware General Devices Indiana


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Ball Bearing Slides

Solid Bearing Slides

Bottom Mount Slides

Cabinet Accessories

Cabinets & Racks

Custom Metal


Company Profile

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Chassis Trak®
Telescoping Slides

Vent Rak®
Cabinets & Racks

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                           The Industry's Most Complete Selection of Electronic Packaging Hardware               
               More Slides, More Solutions, More Applications, More Opportunities
Your Total Packaging Source Solution


General Devices Company Corporate Headquarters

 Company Profile


Custom Metal Fabrication & Finishing from General Devices

Custom Metal Fabrication & Finishing

• Family                                               
• Quality                                                 
• Capabilities
• Employment 

• Precision Metal Fabricators
• Metal Stamping
• Powder Coat Painting 
• Silk Screening
  Custom Tablet Display Stands


   Solid Bearing & Roller Bearing Slides from General Devices

Solid Bearing Slides

Cabinet Enclosures & Rackmount Accessories from General Devices

Cabinet Accessories

• Rugged Dependable               3D Models Available Upon Request         
• Mobile Applications
• Low to Medium Cycle
• Roller Bearing Available                       

• Shelves                                     3D Models Available Upon Request
• Drawers
• Aluminum Chassis
• Cable Management


Ball Bearing Slides from General Devices

Ball Bearing Slides


Cabinet Enclosures & Racks from General Devices

Cabinets & Racks

• High Precision                        3D Models Available Upon Request
• Smooth Operating
• High Cycle
• Medium Duty

• 19" Rack Mount Enclosures         3D Models Available Upon Request
• Custom Electronic Enclosures
• Relay Racks 
• Special Stands




Bottom Mount Slides from General Devices

Bottom Mount Slides                        

Multipurpose Communication Shelters from General Devices

Multipurpose Communication Shelters

• Heavy Duty                            3D Models Available Upon Request
• Space Saving
• Smooth Operating                           
Cargo Bay/Battery Tray Slides   

 Cargo Bay Slides & Battery Tray Slides

• MCS - Shelters - Rugged Outdoor Weatherproof
• MDF - Main Distribution Frames - Telecom
WOMP - Wireline OSP Mounting Posts 
  Broadband Rural Cabinet Mounting Posts

Windstream Outdoor Mounting Post   Windstream Outdoor Mounting Post Installed

                                                         General Devices offers the industry's most complete selection of electronic packaging hardware, as single components, or as complete packaging solutions.
                                                         Our products are designed for use in electronics/computer, telecom/datacom, broadcast, audio/visual, medical, aerospace, military, security, transportation,
                                                         fire and emergency vehicles, recreational vehicles, service work truck and equipment vehicles, bus transport vehicles, and other leading industries and markets.

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